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We embrace the lean thinking mindset. With "GoLeanSixSigma.com" we are happy to present to you finally a provider who managed to boil the concepts down to an easy to understand online learning, while inspiring you to put the learned to action. 

We recommend to get started with the yellow belt course and certification. Like always though, it is a matter of purpose, what to choose. If you like it and intent to buy more than one license, please get in touch to discuss with us on discounts and options like workshops.


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The yellow belt Lean Six Sigma training will help you understand what Lean Six Sigma is and why organizations use Lean Six Sigma. Learn methods like DMAIC and  begin improving mindsets and processes right away. 

The white belt training is perfect for a birds eye overview on the topic. It might be used to convince others that Lean Six Sigma is what your organization needs. 

The Lean method is all about creating the most value for the end customer while minimizing resources, time, energy and effort. There are no agile processes without a Lean thinking base.

You gained the basic knowledge and first experiences with Lean Six Sigma and now are seeking to dig deeper? This is the right course for you then!

After your first successful projects on Lean Six Sigma you now want to take Lean Six Sigma to its mastery level? Become a black belt and uncover the tiny tricks to make change easier and faster, but still spot on.